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Hello everyone here is the official confirmation for 10/9 newspapers.


Our pick up will be “MODIFIED” this Sunday. Next Sunday we will be back to business as usual.

Please pay close attention to this Sunday’s schedule. For this Sunday only if you miss your pick up time you can come to any location on this schedule. Otherwise I will see you on Tuesday.

There will be no Gateway or San Jose pick up this week.

Here is the schedule as follows for 10/9 Only:

Southside (Sunday)
Time: (2:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.)
Location: Bank of America (10925 Baymeadows Road) Point Meadows Plaza across from Stein Mart

Regency (Sunday)
Time: (2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.)
Location: Compass Bank (299 Monument Rd.) across from Burger King

Dunn (Sunday)
Time: (4:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.)
Location: Bank of America (1055 Dunn Ave) across from Publix.

Orange Park (Sunday)
Time: (5:15 p.m. – 5:45 p.m.)
Location: Wells Fargo Bank (400 Blanding Blvd) Pine Tree Plaza adjacent to Publix and across the street from Orange Park High School

Westside (Sunday)
Time: (6:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.)
Location: Community First Credit Union (7640 103rd St.) located in the same plaza as the Publix on 103rd. We will meet under the bank drive thru.

Please find your name and verify your order is correct. If everything is correct no response is necessary.
If you find a discrepancy please “MESSAGE ME” via Facebook  “PRIOR” to the first 2:00 p.m. pick up or call me directly 214-4722 after 12:30 p.m. as I attend worship services.
Please “DO NOT” text me.
Friendly reminder if you miss both (Sunday & Tuesday) pick ups you will forfeit your newspapers and a $4 fee will be deducted from your order and the remaining balance will be issued as a credit for an upcoming order to be used within 2 weeks. You must contact me directly to redeem your credit.

Again please be sure to check the confirmation list prior to the 2 p.m. start of the first pick up location. It is very difficult to resolve discrepancies at pick up. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me immediately (904) 214-4722.

Click HERE for Sunday’s pick up and Tuesday’s make up times and locations.


Aisha Denson 1 set (Westside)
Aisha Jeenkins 4 singles (Dunn)
Aleycia Edwards 6 singles (Regency)
Alicia Brinkley 6 singles (Orange Park)
Andrea Batton 6 singles (Oakleaf)
Andrea Brown-Webbe 1 set (Regency)
Anethette Swint 1 set plus 4 singles (Regency)
Angela Brown 1 set (Westside)
Angelique Poole 4 singles (Westside)
Antionette Rose 8 singles (Westside)
Antoinette Jackson 3 sets plus 7 singles (Dunn)
April Mathis 4 singles (Regency)
April Meeks 2 sets plus 8 singles (Dunn)
April Peoples 4 singles (Westside)
Arleshia Robinson 1 set (Westside)
ASIAH COOPER 4 singles (Regency)
Audrey McCauley 1 set (Regency)
Avon 6 singles (Dunn)
Barbara Bartley 8 singles (Westside)
Bernette Floyd 6 singles (Westside)
Brittany Hogan 12 singles (Dunn)
Brittany Morgan 1 set (Regency)
Camilla Spencer 1 set (Regency)
carla mccain 1 set plus 6 singles (Westside)
Carla Wilson 1 set (Dunn)
Catrena Smith 4 singles (Orange Park)
Cedric Rogers 4 singles (Southiside)
Charisse Thomas 1 set plus 4 singles (Dunn)
Cherie Miller 1 set (Westside)
cheryl neal 6 singles (Dunn)
Clinique Dupree 4 singles (Dunn)
Creola Lanuet 6 singles (Dunn)
Curtisha Moore 4 singles (Dunn)
Cynthia Scott- Ninni’s Bits 6 singles (Westside)
Deanda Brown 4 singles (Dunn)
Denesha Hendrix 8 singles (Dunn)
Dianca Love 6 singles (Dunn)
Donna Craig 6 singles (Regency)
Donna Per 6 singles (Dunn)
Dorothea Turner usher 1 set plus 4 singles (Orange Park)
Ebony Rivers 6 singles (Oakleaf)
Elizabeth Leon 4 singles (Dunn)
Ernest Cummings/Tasha 1 set (Regency)
EUNICE POOLE 1 set (Dunn)
Evelyn Johnson 6 singles (Dunn)
Evelyn Norris 4 singles (Westside)
Fabiola Agday 1 set (Orange Park)
Fatima Conard 4 singles (Westside)
Felicia Bridgewater 1 set (Dunn)
FONCHELLE THOMAS 1 set (Westside)
Hagan’s Adult Daycare 4 singles (Regency)
Heather Hamilton 1 set (Dunn)
Jannara Chheng 4 singles (Orange Park)
Jasmine Hobdy 8 singles (Dunn)
jeanette oliver 6 singles (Dunn)
Jeffery Phillips 4 singles (Southiside)
Jennifer Clement 6 singles (Westside)
Jessica Chavez 8 singles (Southiside)
joana eileen baker 4 singles (Westside)
jodie Stewart 8 singles (Southiside)
Joya peterson 6 singles (Westside)
Kandi Jackson 1 set (Dunn)
karina taylor 1 set (Orange Park)
Kasaundra Lee 2 sets plus 6 singles (Dunn)
Kassidy Hamilton 12 singles (Dunn)
Katrina Jennings 2 sets (Regency)
Katrina Williams 4 singles (Orange Park)
Keisha Johnson 12 singles (Westside)
Keizzy Archbold 4 singles (Regency)
Kelly Denson 1 set (Westside)
Kenya Myers 4 singles (Dunn)
Kiara Edwards 6 singles (Dunn)
Kimberly Baker 6 singles (Regency)
Kwyn Carter 4 singles (Dunn)
Lakesha Christian 4 singles (Regency)
Lashanna Crooms 6 singles (Dunn)
Lashunda Stephens 1 set (Dunn)
Latonya Wheeler 1 set (Regency)
Latresa Daniel 6 singles (Westside)
Latrice Davis 1 set (Westside)
Letitia Williams 1 set (Dunn)
Lisa Jones 6 singles (Orange Park)
Liler Wilcher 1 set (Regency)
luz hernandez 8 singles (Regency)
Lydia Semidey 8 singles (Dunn)
Lyndsey Edwards 4 singles (Westside)
Marcos Ramirez 6 singles (Regency)
Maria Zuniga 4 singles (Westside)
Marika Aurora Young 12 singles (Orange Park)
martina stamper williams 4 singles (Dunn)
Maxine Griffin 2 sets plus 6 singles (Dunn)
Mayra Maldonado 4 singles (Westside)
Melody Fields 6 singles (Regency)
mercedes pineiro 6 singles (Regency)
Natalie Kelly 1 set (Dunn)
Natasha Sedwick 4 singles (Westside)
nickie felix 8 singles (Dunn)
paula kinser 1 set (Dunn)
Quemaki Buckholts 6 singles (Dunn)
Rickaye Wright 4 singles (Regency)
Rochelle Crisostomo 6 singles (Regency)
rupunzel wooden 1 set (Dunn)
Samantha Chandler 1 set (Regency)
Samone Brown 4 singles (Westside)
Sarah Rivera 4 singles (Dunn)
Shalynda Lane 6 singles (Westside)
Shantel Williams 4 singles (Dunn)
Shawna Butler 6 singles (Dunn)
shericka norflett 4 singles (Dunn)
Staci Hall 6 singles (Dunn)
Stacy Biscotti 6 singles (Orange Park)
Starletha Williams 4 singles (Dunn)
stella wilson 8 singles (Dunn)
Suzie Pennington 1 set (Southiside)
T johnson-Lamkin 2 sets (Westside)
Takesha Williams 1 set (Westside)
Tamara White 4 singles (Westside)
Tammy Hypes 4 singles (Orange Park)
Teresa Shepard 1 set plus 4 singles (Regency)
tiffany gough 4 singles (Regency)
Tiffany Rountree 1 set (Dunn)
tiffany watson 8 singles (Dunn)
Titoya Murphy 1 set (Dunn)
Tomyka Frye 4 singles (Westside)
Tonyia Ratliff 4 singles (Westside)
Tracy Hancock 1 set plus 4 singles (Dunn)
Tricia Thoren 4 singles (Westside)
Trudy Deraway 2 sets (Dunn)
Tusha Glover 6 singles (Dunn)
Tyesha McCloud 12 singles (Westside)
Ursula Brooks 6 singles (Regency)
Vanessa Strong 2 sets (Westside)
Vashti Tikas 1 set (Dunn)
Verina Bailey 6 singles (Westside)
Vickey Fleming 6 singles (Dunn)
wayne williamson/Leanne 6 singles (Orange Park)
wilchelle n hackley 6 singles (Dunn)
Working from home/Kammy Sartin 1 set (Westside)
YAMIL AYALA 6 singles (Dunn)
Yessenia Saldana 1 set (Dunn)
Yvette Y Duffus 4 singles (Southiside)



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