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Hello everyone here is the official confirmation for 2/11 newspapers.

Please find your name and verify your order is correct, if everything is correct no response is necessary.

****Special Note for Customers****

1. Friendly reminder the make up pick up is in Orange Park. No papers will be held if you miss both pick ups.

2. Please look for “Lataunya” in a White Uhaul Cargo Van at the Regency, Gateway, Dunn and Westside locations

3. Please look for “Vickie” in a Black Kia Sedona Mini Van at the Southside, Normandy and Orange Park locations

3. In the event of rain or a drastic change in weather please look for your driver under the bank drive-thru.


If you find a discrepancy please be sure to contact me prior to 1:00 p.m. Only newspaper & insert count discrepancies will be addressed during pick up.  Any additional discrepancies not addressed prior to the start of pick up will require you to pick up your order on Tuesday during the make up pick up in Orange Park.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me immediately via FB messenger or by telephone (904) 214-4722.  It is very difficult to answer phone calls once pick up is in progress.


Click HERE for a list of all pick up times & locations for Sunday including TUESDAY’s make up pick up in Orange Park.


I guarantee all inserts based on what is expected in the weekly Sunday newspaper.

Each customer is responsible for counting and verifying all newspapers and inserts prior to leaving the pick up location. This also applies to anyone picking up on your behalf.

If you find a discrepancy (regarding your insert or newspaper count) please let your driver know immediately. Insert or Newspaper count discrepancies will not be addressed once you leave the pick up location.


If your pick up location is route A (Regency, Gateway, Dunn or Westside) please look for a White Uhaul Cargo Van.

If your pick up location is route (Southside, Normandy or Orange Park) please look for a Black Kia Sedona Mini Van.

Please park in an official parking space when arriving to the location. You will be asked to move your vehicle if you park in the ATM line or pull up to the driver without parking. We cannot block the flow of incoming and outgoing bank traffic.

Each driver will have a confirmation list on site. Please give the delivery driver the name from the debit or paypal account used when placing your order.

If your paypal or debit/credit card account says Stephanie’s Pet Palace please do not give Stephanie Jackson. This name will not appear on the drivers confirmation list. The order list is pulled directly from the payment information.

In the event of rain or other weather changes drivers will park under the Bank or Credit Union drive thru.

If you arrive to pick up and the parking lot is empty please check the Sensible Shoppers 2.0 Facebook group for any emergency pick up changes.


Drivers leave promptly at the end of pick up. If you are running late please consider going to the next pick up location on their specific route.

If you arrive at the time the driver is scheduled to leave please be prepared to follow them to the next pick up location. We are unable to wait or distribute newspapers to late arrivals due to timing of the pick up schedule.

Customers can pick up from any location on the designated pick up route if you miss your pick up time or need to pick up earlier. However; you CANNOT order from a location on Route A and pick up from Route B and vice versa.


Make up Pick Up: TUESDAY at 6:30 p.m. at the Oakleaf Target 9525 Crosshill Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32222

Please note I only stay as long as my last customer so please be there promptly at 6:30 p.m. If you are running late for any reason please call me Aisha Denson (904) 214-4722.

Please google this location prior to Tuesday, as it is not close to any of our pick up locations. It is located in the Orange Park area.

In the event both pick ups are missed your newspapers will be forfeited and a $4 fee will be deducted from your payment.

The remaining balance will be posted as a credit towards a future order. This credit must be used within 2 weeks of the missed pick up or it will be forfeited.

Please message me directly to redeem your credit. An invoice will be created and sent to pay the remaining balance of the order.


If you have any questions and/or concerns please contact me via Facebook Messenger: Aisha Denson or directly at 904-214-4722 prior to the start of Sunday pick up. It is very difficult to answer calls or text messages during pick up.

Only Facebook messages and phone calls will get my attention on Sunday. Please “DO NOT” text me I probably won’t see it.

Adelina Johnson 4 singles (Normandy)  
Adria Jones 6 singles (Gateway)  
Adrienne Geathers 6 singles (Normandy)  
Aisha Denson 1 set (Westside) TH
Aisha Jenkins 6 singles (Gateway)  
Aleycia Edwards 4 singles (Regency)  
Alicia Brinkley 6 singles (Orange Park)  
ALICIA LABOSTRIE 6 singles (Regency)  
ALTONYA ANDERSON 2 sets plus 4 singles (Dunn) Tamika Jones split order
Anethette Swint 8 singles (Regency)  
Angela Dixon 4 singles (Southside)  
Angela Hall 4 singles (Southside)  
angela surrrency 6 singles (Dunn)  
Anna O’Neal 12 singles (Southside)  
Annie Brown 1 set (Dunn)  
Armelia King 4 singles (Normandy)  
Ashley Phillips 4 singles (Regency)  
ASIAH COOPER 4 singles (Regency)  
audrey mccauley 1 set plus 6 singles (Regency)  
Barbie Green 8 singles (Dunn)  
Berdette Pierce 1 set (Gateway)  
Barbie Green 6 singles (Dunn)  
Bernette Floyd 6 singles (Westside)  
British Fulton 4 singles (Regency)  
Carla Wilson 1 set (Gateway)  
Charisse Thomas 4 singles (Gateway)  
Charita Snow 6 singles (Southside)  
Cherie Todd 8 singles (Normandy)  
chikoby lane 1 set (Dunn) using 2/4 missed pu credit
Christina Avila 8 singles (Southside)  
Christine Dooley 1 set (Westside)  
Christopher Morris 8 singles (Regency)  
Clinique Dupree 4 singles (Dunn)  
Damaris B Nichols 4 singles (Regency)  
DANA HILL 1 set (Orange Park)  
Darlene Thomas 6 singles (Dunn)  
Dawn Joyner 2 sets (Normandy)  
Delene Foy 4 singles (Dunn)  
Donna Persaud 4 singles (Dunn)  
DORIS THOMAS 8 singles (Gateway)  
dorothea Turner-usher 8 singles (Orange Park)  
Elizabeth Coley 4 singles (Dunn)  
Eric Atkinson 4 singles (Dunn)  
Fatima Conard 4 singles (Westside)  
Felicia Bridgewater 1 set (Dunn)  
Hagan’s Adult Daycare 4 singles (Normandy)  
Harriette Prince 1 set (Westside) TH
holly coffaro 6 singles (Gateway)  
Jackie Willis 4 singles (Dunn)  
Jameela Alexander 4 singles (Southside) 4 singles prepaid 2/25, 3/4 & 3/11
Jamiracle Williams 6 singles (Dunn)  
Janese Cain 4 singles (Westside)  
Jeffery Phillips 4 singles (Gateway)  
Jenivee Weston 6 singles (Dunn)  
Jennifer Clement 1 set (Westside) TH
Jessica Forshee 8 singles (Dunn)  
Joanna Cisneros 8 singles (Orange Park)  
jodie stewart 4 singles (Southside)  
Joselina Serrao 4 singles (Westside)  
Juliette Batts 8 singles (Westside)  
Juliette Batts 12 singles (Gateway)  
Kainoa Redding 1 set (Orange Park)  
Kammy Sartin 6 singles (Normandy)  
Kandi Jackson 1 set (Dunn)  
karina Taylor 8 singles (Orange Park)  
Kasaundra Lee 2 sets (Gateway)  
Kashann Dixon 4 singles (Dunn)  
Kathy Suarez 4 singles (Westside)  
Katrina Williams 4 singles (Westside)  
kelly denson 1 set (Westside)  
Keva Jolly 6 singles (Westside)  
Kiara Edwards 6 singles (Gateway)  
kim masisak-leyva 6 singles (Regency)  
kimberly godley 4 singles (Westside)  
Kimberly Williams 6 singles (Gateway)  
Krista White 4 singles Oakleaf (Tues)  
LaSandra Fletcher-Clark 6 singles (Normandy)  
Lasel Briggs 4 singles (Orange Park)  
Lashanna Crooms 4 singles (Gateway)  
LaShonda Keeton 6 singles (Westside)  
Lashunda Stephens 1 set (Gateway)  
LaSunjala Robinson 6 singles (Normandy)  
Lataunya May 1 set (Westside) TH
Latonya Wheeler 1 set (Westside) TH
LaToya Saunders 4 singles (Gateway)  
Latoya Walker 6 singles (Regency)  
Latresa Daniel 6 singles (Normandy)  
Latrice Davis 6 singles (Orange Park)  
Liler Wilcher 2 sets (Regency)  
Loren Ward 4 singles (Dunn)  
Lucretia Newsom 8 singles (Dunn)  
Lynette Rubio 6 singles (Dunn)  
Madilyn Perez 1 set (Southside)  
Marcena Strain 4 singles (Regency)  
Maria Santillan 1 set (Westside)  
Maria Santillan 2 sets (Westside)  
Marlene I. Shaw 1 set plus 6 singles (Regency)  
Maxine Griffin 1 set (Dunn)  
Mayra Maldonado 4 singles (Normandy)  
meia sampson 4 singles (Gateway)  
Melissa Thomas 1 set (Dunn)  
Melody Fields 6 singles (Regency)  
mercedes pineiro 6 singles (Regency)  
mercedes pineiro 6 singles (Regency)  
morvydd norton 1 set plus 4 singles (Normandy)  
morvydd norton 4 singles (Normandy)  
Natalie Kelly 4 singles (Dunn)  
Natasha Green 8 singles (Dunn)  
Natasha Hansell 8 singles (Gateway)
natasha terry 4 singles (Dunn)  
neyanni cooper 1 set (Southside)  
Natasha Hansell 6 singles (Gateway) 6 singles are for Savon Seymore
Nickie Faulk-felix 6 singles (Dunn)  
Nicole Ford 6 singles (Dunn)  
NISSA PETERS (late order)   (Normandy) 4 singles LATE ORDER
Norka Brown 2 sets (Regency)  
orvidale cox 4 singles (Southside)  
Oscar Quiroz 4 singles (Westside)  
pamela hopkins 12 singles (Regency)  
Pamelyn Howell 4 singles (Westside)  
Patricia Spann 6 singles (Orange Park)  
paula kinser 1 set (Dunn)  
Phylicia Whitlock 4 singles (Normandy)  
precious delancy 8 singles (Regency)  
Pure Romance by Erika 4 singles (Dunn)  
rachel lane 4 singles (Normandy)  
Rebecca Brown 4 singles (Orange Park)  
rebecca randolph 4 singles (Normandy)  
Rochelle Crisostomo 6 singles (Regency) owe 6 singles 2/4 prepaid
rupunzel wooden 2 sets (Gateway) 1 set purchased for daughter
Samantha Foster 1 set (Southside)  
Sandra Bratcher 6 singles (Dunn)  
Shalena Mitchell 6 singles (Westside)  
Shameika Jeffreys 4 singles (Westside)  
Sharelle McCullough 2 sets plus 6 singles (Dunn)  
sheila benitez 8 singles (Regency)  
shemika baker 6 singles (Gateway)  
Sherika Oliver 4 singles (Westside)  
Sheryl Warren-Graham 8 singles (Dunn)  
Sonsarae Wilder 4 singles (Regency)  
Stacy Biscotti 6 singles (Orange Park)  
Stephanie Grissett 6 singles (Gateway)  
stephanie hall 1 set (Gateway)  
Suzie Pennington 1 set (Southside)  
Tamara Bland 6 singles (Dunn)  
Tamara Spigner 6 singles (Westside)  
Tamara Tyler 12 singles (Regency)  
Tammy Hypes 8 singles (Orange Park)  
Tammy Mincey 1 set plus 4 singles (Normandy)  
Tania Keeton 1 set (Westside)  
Tara Maddox 1 set (Westside)  
Teneshia Lambey 4 singles (Westside)  
Teresa shepard 12 singles (Regency)  
Terrilyn Smith 6 singles (Regency)  
Tiffany Allen 8 singles (Regency)  
tiffany simmons 6 singles Oakleaf (Tues)  
Tiffany Washington 4 singles (Dunn)  
Tikilia Scott 1 set plus 6 singles (Dunn)  
TL Lamkin 2 sets (Westside) $97 credit
toika k smith 1 set (Normandy)  
Tracy Britton 4 singles (Normandy) 4 singles prepaid 2/25 & 3/4
Tracy L Johnson 8 singles (Normandy)  
Tricia Thoren 4 singles (Westside)  
Trudy Deraway (Late Order) 1 set (Dunn) LATE ORDER
Tusha Glover 4 singles (Regency)  
Tyesha McCloud 6 singles (Westside)  
Ulysee James 4 singles (Dunn)  
Ursula Brooks 4 singles (Regency)  
valarie acosta 6 singles (Regency) owe 6 singles 2/4 prepaid
Vanessa Strong 2 sets (Westside)  
Verina Bailey 12 singles (Westside) 12 singles prepaid 2/25, 3/4 & 3/11
veronica lax 8 singles (Regency)  
wanda schenck 8 singles (Dunn) owe 6 singles 2/4 prepaid
wayne williamson 6 singles (Southside)  
Wynetta Robinson 6 singles (Normandy)  
YERITZA RAMOS 6 singles Oakleaf (Tues)  
Yvette Y Duffus 4 singles (Southside)  


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